Our history

MAGICS Instruments NV (MAGICS) is a spin-off company from KU Leuven (the University of Leuven, Belgium) / MICAS research group, KU Leuven  Technology Campus Geel, KU Leuven / AdvISe research group, and SCK•CEN (the Belgium Nuclear Research Centre). MAGICS’ core competence lies in the design of radiation hardened integrated circuits, more specifically electronic devices that reliably operate in nuclear environments that yield accumulated doses in excess of Mega Gray. MAGICS addresses customers’ demands by offering standard rad-hard products or customized IC design services. The company also provides MGy-level radiation qualification services on its own products or other commercial-of-the-shelf components.

At present, the MAGICS technology is qualified under extreme radiation conditions and well received by our customers. From 2008 to 2012, MAGICS has developed several MGy radiation-hardened integrated circuits for a pulsed-mode time-of-flight Light Detection and Ranging system. All blocks achieved both outstanding electrical performance and MGy radiation tolerance. Since 2013, MAGICS has been involved in the development of MGy radiation tolerant sensor instrumentation links for remote handling applications at ITER.