Resistive bridge sensor signal conditioner

(Prototype chips are available for demonstration. Final product version will be ready by Q4/2022.)

The SROIC2100 device provides an interface for resistive bridge sensor elements, such as RTD, thermocouple, piezoresistive, and strain-gauge pressure-sense elements. The device is a full system-on-chip (SoC) solution that incorporates programmable gain amplifier, ADC, and digital signal processing. Further, the SROIC2100 device includes integrated voltage regulators, an on-chip temperature sensor, and an oscillator, thus minimizing the number of external components.

Main Features

  • Analog front-end with programmable gain for resistive bridge sensors
  • Ultra-low input noise
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • On-chip oscillator
  • On-chip excitation signal generation
  • 16-bit delta-sigma Analog-to-Digital converter
  • On-chip digital decimation filter

Key Technical Specifications

  • NO. of input channels: 4
  • Gain settings: 1 ~ 256
  • ADC Resolution: 16 bits
  • SNDR: 98 dB
  • Sample rate: 5 kHz
  • Supply: 1.2 V
  • Power consumption: 4 mW
  • Temperature range: -50 ~ 125 °C

Radiation Hardness

  • TID tolerance: >100 Mrad
  • SEL: >100 MeV·cm2/mg
  • SET/SEU: >60 MeV·cm2/mg


  • Condition monitoring
  • Health monitoring and Housekeeping
  • Sensor networks
  • Temperature sensor readout
  • Strain-gauge readout
  • Pressure sensor readout
  • Post-nuclear-accident monitoring

This ASIC is part of a front-end rad-hard BiSS I/O module designed by MAGICS Instruments within Fusion for Energy remote handling activities (F4E-OMF-0633-01-03).