Our mission

The future of humanity relies on our ability to achieving sustainability. Already today the limited natural resources on our Earth planet are becoming increasingly scarce and environmental degradation is accelerating due to the combined effect of population growth, increased urbanization and expanding industrialization. That is why we need to find new energy sources that are clean and secure, and to settle on other habitable planets that provide us extra resources. To reach and explore these new worlds, and to build, inspect, maintain and repair infrastructures at remote and hazardous locations, we need the help of autonomous robots and intelligent machines.

Back on the Earth, a new industrial revolution (industry 4.0) is underway which also puts an emphasis on sustainable value creation. It incorporates smart and autonomous robotic systems fueled by data and machine learning in manufacturing technologies to improve productivity and efficiency. The net result of this revolution is reduction of raw material and energy consumption, as well as waste reduction.

MAGICS Instruments NV (MAGICS®) is a technology company specialized in the design of semiconductor chips and machine learning based smart sensors. It is a spin-off company from KU Leuven (Europe’s most innovative university ranked by Reuters), and SCK•CEN (the largest research institute in Belgium for nuclear technologies, nuclear medicine, and astronautics). The company’s core mission is developing technologies for a sustainable world. We are achieving this by leveraging our expertise in both integrated circuits and machine learning, to create intelligent and reliable machines that are essential to the success of this mission.