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Automated system diagnostics, equipment health monitoring and performance indication reduce the need for manual surveillance activities and enable condition-based maintenance, resulting in improved system reliability and reduced maintenance costs. The future is digital!

Magics’ radiation-hardened ICs and intelligent sensing platforms are specially designed for the nuclear industry. Most of our microchips and solutions can withstand +1 MGy of accumulated ionizing radation .  We offer fast, compact solutions for transforming analog data into digital with high accuracy and using fewer cables. We enable operations in harsh environments which are safe for humanity. With our digital and automated approach, you can gain valuable insights into the current health / state of your machine or infrastructure, or remotely operate your robotic system to support maintenance or decommissioning. Extend your plant life or plan your newbuild (SMR) with the best monitoring infrastructure. Magics technologies will reduce your costs and timescales, reduce risk and improve safety in high consequence interventions.  

Choosing for Magics is guaranteeing your long term electronic components supply and solving obsolescence challenges.  Get in touch for the applications below.


Robotics and remote handling

  • Radiation-hardened force sensing
  • Radiation-hardened actuation and control 
  • Radiation-hardened digital resolvers


Radiation-hardened vision applications

  • Radiation-hardened vision
  • Pan and tilt
  • Power generation


Monitoring infrastructure and machines

  • Monitoring the state of nuclear waste containers or storage tanks
  • Anomaly detection in power plants infrastructure
  • Fall test for control rods in nuclear power plants 
  • Monitoring corrosion rates or concrete behaviour.


Thermal performance improvements

  • Measuring temperature 
  • Measuring throttle pressure
  • Provide density compensation for steam flow measurements 
  • Motor and power control



  • Instrumentation and control 
  • Automation 
  • Robotics and remote handling


Instrumentation and control

  • Diagnostics 
  • Power distribution 

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