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We are proud to share our new MAGICS logoencapsulating our overarching mission and multidisciplinary R&D expertise. 

A star sits at the center of the new logo, embodying our founding conviction that autonomous machines are the keys to exploring other planets and unlocking sustainable resources on these worlds and on our own. The symbol also references MAGICS’ successes in the energy industry, as well as the constellation of human stars that comprise our R&D team.

The star is formed by the space between hand-in-hand figures, reflecting the way our shared belief in the importance of robotics has brought together world-leading researchers, cooperating seamlessly across the disciplines of radiation hardening, integrated circuit design and machine learning.  

Red was the natural choice of logo color, conjuring associations with power and energy that echo our core mission to harness new energy sources.  

This is an exciting time for MAGICS,” comments CEO, Jens Verbeeck. “Thanks to our incredible team, we are experiencing strong growthforming relationships in new industriesand winning a global reputation for our R&D expertise. The new logo perfectly captures our spirit of collaboration and teamwork, while always keeping our ultimate vision at the forefront.” 


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