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Magics is leading digital transitions with radiation-hardened chipsets and machine learning technology in the world’s most challenging high radiation environments for robotics and automation.
From this foundation we have grown into a supplier of reliable, radiation-hardened chips used to provide accurate
timing, power and motion control  in space applications. Our next-generation chipsets serve vision applications in radiation environments.

Driven by the need for plug-and-play solutions in the nuclear industry, Magics has created modules to enable fast integration of our chips into robotic or instrumentation applications. These modules can be integrated in platforms on request.
For example, we have developed and installed reliable, low power wireless solutions for nuclear waste management facilities in Belgium.

Magics has created the Plantscope / Machine Intelligence platform to explore use cases for machine learning technologies. This end-to-end solution has demonstrated massive value in detecting anomalies to support predictive (maintenance or security) data-driven decisions in energy facilities and pharmaceutical production.

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