IoT platforms

Magics  helps to streamline digital processes to responding to and resolving application problems. In large part, this means, employing automation in order to perform the process for alerting, contextualizing incident data, root cause analysis, contextualizing incident data, root cause analysis, and incident remediation more efficiently, with Plantscope. This intelligent sensing solutions securely transfer reliable data towards our platform system, where preferred AI models will be set up according to your operational needs. Plantscope will overall reduces MTTD (mean time to discovery) by real-time alerting capabilities of potential system failure  and the reduction of MTTR (mean time to resolution) to get details for further contextualize alerts at the earliest possible moment.  

Magics supports autonomous learning with Motion Intelligence to enable the robot/device to perceive the environment and to perform an specific or pre-set of action(s). With Magics technologies, we succeed to support autonomous operations, even now, in extreme environments and circumstances.

IoT Platforms


Increased quality management and efficiency of your business assets/infrastructure
Know at any point in time the status of your operations and keep business equipment running at peak efficiency.

Real-time alerting capabilities and potential system failure
A customized solution will allow you to catch problems before they have a negative impact on your business. Less time troubeshooting will give you the opportunity to decrease costs and time.

Enabling innovation 
Freeing up time can give your team the opportunity to research and experiment with the latest frameworks and technologies.

Reliability platform enables you to meet with your SLOs
Mitigate system issues with greater efficiency and reduce downtime 

Extra info

The Magics team is dedicated to improving current systems and to leveraging the industry 4.0 and 5.0 wave of automation for harsh environments. If you have a specific need, our team would be glad to support you in achieving your mission objectives. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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