Plantscope allows organizations to make better predictions, decisions and improve core business processes. 

Magics’ Plantscope smart sensing software platform reads out data retrieved from our radiation-hardened microchip, providing you with the information you need to make faster, more accurate decisions. 

Plantscope enables contactless, real-time monitoring of machinery, operational environments, or infrastructure, creating a highly accurate picture of the state of your operations. Our engineers will customize the platform according to your needs to provide you with the most valuable insights. Investing in Plantscope will save you time and costs and can help to prevent operational failure.

Alongside many other projects, Magics has demonstrated the effectiveness of Plantscope in the nuclear industry, where we have provided real-time monitoring of the structural parameters of waste storage containers / facilities via audio nodes for smart acoustic sensing.



Plantscope focuses on


Modularity approach


Easy integration


Real-time Reliability


Radiation environments 
Monitor and inter-connect your machines or operational infrastructure in a radioactive or harsh environment.

Radiation hardened ASICs integration
All nodes will be developed with suitable sensing techniques and radiation-hardened ASICs, developed and designed by Magics.

Simplified solution
A straightforward path towards data-driven decision making. No machine learning expertise required from the integrator. 

Fast service
Fully customized to your needs and providing fast insights for your operation. 

Edge implementation algorithms for fastest response, low bandwidth and privacy concerns.
Enables robust and reliable control of your autonomous vehicles or operations.

Saves you time and costs during operation.


Extra info

The Magics team is dedicated to improving current systems and leveraging the 4.0 and 5.0 waves of automation for harsh environments. If you have a specific need, our team would be glad to support you in achieving your mission objectives. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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