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Prime Power Performance

DCDC1100 is a single-phase synchronous buck converter developed to provide an efficient solution for the distribution of power in High Energy Physics experiments. As such, it has been designed for flawless functionality in a harsh radiation and magnetic field environment. The monolithic construction of DCDC1100, with the integration of the power train and the bootstrap diode with the controller, makes the converter a space-efficient solution to provide POL regulation from a 5-11 V supply rail. Its protection features include Over-Current, Over-Temperature and Input Under-Voltage to improve system-level security in the event of fault conditions. The chip temperature increase in the application can be monitored via a dedicated analog signal (PTAT).

Radiation hardness

  • TID up to >2 MGy
  • Displacement damage up  to 5•10¹⁴ n/cm² (1MeV-equivalent)
  • Continuous operation during exposure to heavy ions of LET up to 64 MeV∙cm²/mg with short transients below 20% of the nominal Vout (no destructive event, no output power interruption)

Module features

Continuous 4A load capability

  • Integrated Power N-channel MOSFETs
  • Adjustable switching frequency 1-3 MHz
  • Synchronous Buck topology with continuous mode operation
  • High bandwidth feedback loop (150KHz) for good transient performance

Protection features

  •  Over-current protection
  •  Over-temperature protection
  •  Input under-voltage lockup
  •  Line protection


  • Accelerators
  • Medical
  • Fusion reactors
  • Power plants
  • Space
  • Radiation hardened cameras

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