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Closed-loop Motor Control

Condition Monitoring

Intelligent Sensing

Anomaly Detection

Rad-Hard IC Design

MAGICS’ core competence lies in the design of radiation hardened integrated circuits, more specifically electronic devices that reliably operate in both ionizing and particle radiation environments.

Motion Control

MAGICS’ sensing, communication and driver systems-on-chips bring closed-loop control capabilities and intelligence to remote handling robots and manipulators in harsh environments.

Smart Sensors

MAGICS’ smart sensor solutions introduce real time condition monitoring to machines that operate in harsh environment, and enable predictive maintenance by means of sensor networking and machine learning.

Case Study

Rad-hard closed-loop motor control system for ITER Remote Handling

About Us

MAGICS Instruments (MAGICS®) is a Belgian high-tech company specialized in the design of radiation-hardened integrated circuits and machine learning based intelligent sensors.

MAGICS delivers customized state-of-the-art radiation-tolerant systems-on-chips, as well as qualified rad-hard analog/mixed-signal IP blocks. MAGICS provides solutions for smart space and nuclear robotics, and intelligent sensors in harsh environments.

  • Custom Rad-Hard IC Design

    One-stop shop for custom rad-hard IC design: feasibility study, design specification, chip design, prototyping, test bench definition, electrical characterization, and radiation assessment.

  • Rad-Hard Analog/Mixed-signal IP Library

    Qualified radiation-hardened analog/mixed-signal IP blocks with from a few Gy to MGy level TID tolerance, and resistance to single-event effects caused by high-energy particles.

  • Sensor Intelligence

    MAGICS’ intelligent sensor system-on-chip solutions enables real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for machines operating in harsh conditions.

  • Rad-hard Robotics

    MAGICS provides integrated circuits and system solutions for closed-loop motion control and remote handling in space and nuclear environments.

What others say about us

Ian Grayson

We believe that the radiation-hard technology being developed at MAGICS Instruments has great potential in the nuclear industry. … For this reason radiation hard Megagray instrumentation solutions can greatly add value to our current solutions serving our existing clients as well as allowing us to develop relationships with new clients looking for radiation hardened electronic solutions.

Ian GraysonOperations DirectorAMEC Foster Wheeler

The radiation hardening and qualification is duly identified and implemented, relying respectively on possible subcontracting for bespoke radiation tolerant electronics (MAGICS Instruments).

Tender evaluationFusion for Energy

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