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Magics Technologies NV (Magics), established in Belgium in 2015, is a European fabless semiconductor company that provides high-reliability, fault-tolerant, and radiation-hardened chips for the space, nuclear energy, aerospace, and defense markets. The company’s solutions are designed for use in next-generation mission-critical intelligent systems, including robotics, remote handling systems, drones, satellites, and aircraft.

Our core mission is to harness advanced digital technologies to empower individuals in the harshest environments, paving the way for secure, dependable clean energy resources and pioneering interplanetary exploration. We are achieving this by leveraging our world-class expertise in semiconductor chip design, machine learning, and radiation hardening.

Our solutions are designed for next-generation, mission-critical systems, including robotics, remote handling systems, drones, satellites, and spacecrafts. We provide highly integrated and radiation-hardened system-on-chip solutions for applications in extreme environments (e.g., nuclear and space) which are capable of withstanding total ionizing doses of more than 100  Mrad / 1 MGy (Si) TID and being immune to Single Event Effects up to 62.5 MeV-cm2/mg and higher.  

On our website, you will discover our (ITAR-free) radiation-hardened product lines and the services we can provide to you for the development of customized ASIC(s), allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Our multi-disciplinary team is eager to meet you and provide you with the best solution(s) for all your radiation challenges.


Our upcoming events

Magics will be attending the following events. Get in touch to book a meeting with us at one of the events.
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The RADiation and its Effects on Components and Systems Conference (RADECS) is the annual European scientific and industrial forum on radiation and its effects on electronics and photonic materials, devices, circuits, sensors and systems. Every year, it attracts hundreds of scientists and engineers from all over the world

You can find Magics at booth 11. 

Date: 25-29 September
Location: Toulouse, France

With WNE, become a privileged actor of the global nuclear industry, by meeting with around 600 actors from all over the world covering the whole nuclear supply chain.

Don’t miss specific inside events and source your future partners with pre-organized business meetings.

Stay ahead of the latest innovations and market trends, while attending high-level disruptive talks about the challenges the sector is facing with the most prestigious international experts.

Date: 28-30 November
Location: Paris, France

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