Providing solutions to mission-critical operations

Magics has a proven track record of innovation, quality and reliability.
We continue to build on this legacy with an impressive portfolio of industry-leading niche products and technology introductions. Magics’ high-reliability products and services have been used in applications that require high levels of radiation hardness, including operations in and around nuclear power plants (Fusion, Fission, CMR,… ) and missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond that demand immunity to single-event and total-ionizing-dose effects.

Magics strives for constant innovation, offering you the best possible foundation for your autonomous vehicle of the future. We gladly offer you the opportunity to:

  • operate in harsh environments.
  • create compact, lightweight autonomous and robotic systems.
  • increase the lifespan of your robotics with our unique rad-hard IC designs.
  • decrease the amount of cabling needed.
  • lower the threshold to reach for the stars, to explore other habitable plants, or access new energy sources.






Aerospace and defense



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