Motion Series

The Magics Motion Series offers solutions for motion control applications. The chipset can be used for operating robotic fleets, manipulators, and I&C in harsh environments. In space applications, Motion Series chips can be used to read out resolvers or as building blocks for Attitude Control Systems (ACS), Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Power Distribution Units (PDU), using highly reliable microelectronics that are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions. For the nuclear industry, these ICs can withstand +1MGy TID, making them suitable for build your nuclear robotics to improve maintenance and inspection with higher accuracy and extended lifespan.

These ICs are easy to use and are commercially available as dice, packaged, or as plug-and-play modules. The Motion Series can be used for validations with sensors and actuators, or to control your daily operation.


Rad-Hard Resolver/LVDT Interface IC


Rad-Hard Sensor Interface IC


Rad-Hard Limit Switch Readout IC


Rad-Hard PWM Driver/Pre-driver IC


Rad-Hard BiSS Communication IC


Your (ITAR -free) European semiconductor supplier.

Radiation proof components for a multitude of subsystems in space (RTUs, PDUs, ACS).

A single source for key building blocks.

A single, strategic supply partner to secure your stock of semiconductor components. 

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