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Magics’ capacity to support subsystem-level scientific exploration extends from Earth observation to the exploration of the moons, planets, comets, and asteroids of our own solar system, and into the universe beyond. As space missions begin to transition from exploration to become more mission-specific, there is a growing requirement for landers, rovers, space drones and manipulators, capable of operating at or near surface. These new missions present complex challenges.

Magics offers a broad range of subsystem solutions, providing a strong foundation for your next spacecraft, satellite, rover, manipulator, or drone. We can help you to achieve your desired scientific measurement capabilities through smaller, faster, lighter, durable ICs and intelligent on-board processing solutions.

Discover how Magics’ technologies can deliver solutions to the following challenges and secure our supply chain now. If your current challenge is not listed below, we are eager to discuss how we can develop a bespoke solution to perfectly meet your needs.


Satellites and spacecraft attitude Orbit control systems

  • Controls the attitude and positioning of a complete space vehicle or satellite.


Advanced space manufacturing – robotics

  • In-orbit maintenance, repair or recycling of spacecraft components, solar panels, etc.


Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems (GNC)

  • Navigation.
  • Orbit determination.
  • Rendezvous.
  • GNC algorithms, sensors and actuators.
  • Guidance and targeting.


Smart (Nuclear) propulsion and control systems

  • Advanced chemical or non-chemical propulsion systems.
  • Engine health monitoring and safety.
  • Position control.
  • Heat measurement and prediction. 
  • Power converter.


(RF) Communications subsystems

  • Satellite or spacecraft bus and payloads.
  • Data handling  and on-board computers.
  • Propulsion, power converter and thermal control. 
  • Attitude control subsystems  (Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems).


Solar array and Power Conditioning

  • Power conversion from renewable power sources.
  • Power monitoring. 
  • Temperature monitoring.


Remote sensing platform

  • Structures or vehicles mounting remote sensing instruments. 


Rad-hard camera and imagers for satellites / landers / rovers.

  • Visual and other imaging. 
  • Autonomation approach sensors. 
  • Rad-hard camera from Magics.


Motor control applications

  • DC/DC Power management.
  • Rotor and position detection.
  • Building automation network. 
  • Security module – Control Loop Processor.


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