Why you should join our team

Welcome to Magics Technologies, where innovation meets resilience in the heart of Europe’s semiconductor industry. As a pioneering fabless semiconductor company, Magics specializes in crafting high-reliability, fault-tolerant, and radiation-hardened chips tailored for the demanding landscapes of space, nuclear energy, and aerospace.

Our cutting-edge solutions are the backbone of next-generation mission-critical intelligent systems, powering robotics, remote handling systems, satellites, spacecrafts, and drones with unwavering dependability. At Magics, we envision a future where our semiconductors act as catalysts, driving innovation in clean energy solutions, spearheading interplanetary exploration, and safeguarding the very values that define our democratic societies.

Join us in our mission to empower individuals and industries in the harshest environments, ushering in a new era of secure, dependable clean energy resources and pioneering deep-space discoveries. At Magics, we foster a warm, family-like working environment, where every member of our team is valued and empowered to contribute to a smarter, more sustainable world.

Listen to what our employee says

“Making chips is not rocket science – it’s much more difficult than that” is an often-heard phrase in the semiconductor industry. There is a great deal of truth in these words – what starts off as quartz sand gets processed by the combined efforts, ingenuity, and synergy of process engineers, design engineers, system architects, and many other specialists into the tiny little pieces of smart silicon that have shaped and revolutionized every aspect of our lives during the past few decades.

Turning something as simple and common as sand into high-end electronics can be best described as – for lack of a better word – magic. This might be the reason why our company name describes what we do so well.

The century we live in will present both unprecedented challenges and opportunities to us as a species. We will have to face and tackle the ever-growing hunger for energy of our industrialized society without causing further harm to our planet. We will start visiting our planetary neighbors with increasing frequency and maybe even settle on one of them one day. All these bold tasks can only be taken on with the support of devices that are capable of operating under very harsh conditions. Magics specializes in creating smart electronics that can operate safely in environments such as space and nuclear reactors.

I am an analog and mixed signal IC designer here at Magics. I work as part of a team of specialists and our combined technical expertise covers the entire bandwidth of IC development – analog and mixed signal design, digital design, lab verification, system architecture, and more.

We cooperate and synergize while working collectively towards the same goal – to create the right products for our customers’ applications. While we are busy with all that, the social fun factor also does not come up short – for instance, we have a tradition of ordering delicious burgers or pizzas to enjoy a nice lunch together every Friday!

Ugur Yegin
Sr. Analog and mixed signal IC designer
Magics Technologies

Spontaneous application

We do accept spontaneous applications. If you’d like to be part of our team, please send your CV to Career@Magics and we will get in contact.

man configuring chips