Machine Intelligence

Motion or Machine Intelligence leverages on machine learning algorithms to make it possible for self-driving vehicles to exist. Magics goes one step further: durable self-driving/flying vehicles for the space and nuclear industries, capable of operating in harsh environments. Via our radiation-hardened ASICs, we collect environmental data from our radiation-hardened camera and other sensors. Depending on your application, specific algorithms will interpret the relevant input and make autonomous decisions on what actions should be executed.

Magics supports your mission with object detection, localization in space and mapping, sensor fusion and scene comprehension, navigation and movement planning (path-planning), collision avoidance and robot/vehicle control to guarantee excellent performance.

The video demonstrates how plants and fruits could be grown on Mars by utilizing an artificial Bee. Magics Motion Intelligence will support pollination process of flowers in the future. This demonstration was showcased during the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Machine Intelligence focuses on


planning and decision


sensing and perception


monitoring and diagnosis


Durable and reliable self-operating vehicles for harsh environments 
All systems feature radiation-hardened microchips developed and designed by Magics.

Simplified solution
All on a low-power single chip. Small footprint. Lightweight. 

Fast, efficient service  
Saving you time and cost during operations. 

Enables robust and reliable movement of your vehicles.

Opportunity window 
Safely explore any environment, even where no electronics have gone before. 


Extra info

The Magics team is dedicated to improving current systems and leveraging the 4.0 and 5.0 waves of automation for harsh environments. If you have a specific need, our team would be glad to support you in achieving your mission objectives. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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