BiSS Slave / motion control solutions

MAGICS has developed a plug and play radiation hardened closed loop motion control system for sensing applications in harsh environments, thanks to the integration of Magics radiation-hardened integrated circuits. The system can survive accumulated doses of more than 1MGy and suitable for operations in the nuclear field.

The system consists of a bus controller with an embedded deterministic communication protocol, allowing it to receive exact timing information from all sensors in the network. The bus controller module can connect with 3 SPI slave ASICs. These ASICs can connect resolvers, LVDTs, strain gauges, force sensors, and pressure sensors, all provided by rad-hard ASICs developed and designed by Magics. In addition, these slaves can read out limit switches or drive relays for motion control applications. The rad-hard Magics DCDC module is also included in the system, enabling local DC power distribution. A master module can receive and send digital data over  215 meters from a control cubicle.

The Master controller can communicate with a higher-level control system used by a system integrator. An SSI interface is foreseen to communicate with existing motor drivers. Sensors or relay drivers can be connected in the radiation environment.

The Magics team provides a fast, convenient plug and play module service. These radiation-hardened modules can be adapted to fit your application and are based on our proven rad-hard ASICS, fully integrated on board.

With 3 easy steps your Motion Control Solution can be developed to meet your needs, easy integration within your current system. 

Enabling Nuclear Robotics of the future


to operate in extreme environments


to increase the lifespan of the robotic system and overall nuclear infrastructure


reducing lead time, costs and time


reduce engineering effort, time and costs


reduce cabling by digital multiplexing


Supporting the nuclear industry towards motion control applications
Operate safely your nuclear powerplant with our durable and rad-hard components.

Build your next nuclear robotic with the easy plug and play Radiation-hardened modules
Developed to support standardisation for the nuclear industry and fast delivery.

Reduction of cables and recurring costs for robotic systems 
Reduction of engineering time and costs by saving the recurring replacements of components.

Fast service
The modular system removes the need for customisation and it is easy to integrate in your current system.

Enables robust, reliable and durable running of your robotics operation, extending overall life-span.

Save time and cost during operations and become a frontrunner.

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