Magics rad-hard power conversion products excel in extreme environmental conditions.
This radiation and magnetic tolerant module is designed for use in distributed power systems headed for low, medium, and geosynchronous earth orbits as well as for deep space missions, nuclear maintenance, and nuclear decommissioning operations.

Our DC/DC convertors provide high efficiency, high density, low-noise voltage conversion to power advanced network communication ICs and processors. Magics offers optimal end-to-end efficiency from the bus down to the point of load.

The DC/DC converter module is highly efficient, flexible, scalable and lightweight, making it well suited to the demands of critical space systems.

Potential applications: Power distribution, particle physics, medical accelerators, nuclear fusion research, remote handling and inspection, satellite attitude and orbit control, digital communication payloads, remote sensing payload, telemetry tracking and control.

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DC/DC synchronous converter topology
Input voltage from 5V to 11V
Output from 1V2 to 5V0 

Radiation and magnetic tolerant module
The DC/DC is a radiation and magnetic tolerant Point of Load (POL). 

Simplified solution for stable voltage references in remote handling machines
A straightforward path towards standardisation of robotic fleets and manipulators for the nuclear and space industries.

Fast service
Off-the-shelf availability removes the need for customisation! 

Enables robust, reliable and durable running of your robotics operation, extending overall life-span.

Save time and cost during operations and become a frontrunner!


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The Magics  team is dedicated to improving current systems and leveraging the 4.0 and 5.0 waves of automation for harsh environments.
If you have a specific need, our team would be glad to support you in achieving your mission objectives. Contact us now.

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