Special-Ind expands its offer in Space & Hi-Rel market by distributing Magics Technologies in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK and Ireland.

Special-Ind announces the distribution of Magics Technologies specialized systems-on-chips solutions, which are designed to operate in in extreme radiation environments. These chips are highly integrated and radiation-hardened, making them suitable for the use in space & nuclear applications to support the development of spacecraft, satellites, instrumentation and robotic systems.

This agreement will enable the company to broaden the offerings in the Space & Hi-Rel business unit by  providing a comprehensive portfolio of ITAR-free chips to meet the demands of the eco-system and the Radiation-Hardened robustness requirements of OEM customers, thus facilitating expansion of the business unit.

Special-Ind is poised to increase products and solutions offering to serve as much as possible the customers of Strategic Space & High-Rel market.


About Special-Ind

Special-Ind, founded in 1955 and based in Milan, is part of Steliau Technology Europe group and is specialized in the value-added distribution of electronic and electromechanical components for Italian and international customers. Special-Ind’s offer includes the entire value chain: sourcing, design and distribution, technical support, logistics and after-sales service. The company is also able to offer customized solutions for each project in a wide range of sectors: Space & Hi-Rel, Automotive, IoT & Connectivity, Mechanics, Thermal Management, Semiconductors, Embedded Solutions and IP&E

About Magics Technologies

Magics Technologies, founded in 2015 and based in Geel, Belgium, is a fabless semiconductor supplier with a unique Radiation-Hardened-By-Design methodology, offering an extensive analogue/mixed signal chip portfolio to Nuclear, space and defense markets. This portfolio includes a range of products such as positioning (Resolvers, LVDTs, etc.) and general sensor interface chips, clock generation and precise time measurement chips (LIDAR, Time-Of-Flight, etc.), and data serialization chips, among others.
Magics’ has proven analog/mixed-signal IPs and silicon, compliant with ESCC-Q-ST-60-02C, in-house expertise in chip-design, chip testing and radiation qualification capabilities. Overall, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge for guaranteed success.

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