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1 MHz to 3 GHz Synthesizer

PLL – A fully integrated 1 MHz to 3 GHz Radiation Hardened All-Digital Frequency Synthesizer.


The MAG-PLL is a radiation tolerant wideband phase locked loop (PLL), capable of delivering frequencies in the 1 MHz to 3 GHz range. The on-chip DCO covers an entire octave resulting in full coverage when using the output divider. The MAG-PLL includes a PWM generator using a maximum carrier frequency of 1 GHz, resulting in a minimum time step of 1 ns. A 16-bit digital control word sets the pulse width. The MAG-PLL has an integrated digitally configurable loop filter and digital controlled oscillator (DCO), effectively reducing the number of external components required. A serial interface is provided to configure the PLL and allows users to read the status of operation.

Radiation hardness

  • TID tolerance: 1 kGy
  • SET/SEU: > 75 MeV∙cm²/mg

Key technical specifications

  • 1.2 V core voltage operation
  • Output frequency range 1  MHz – 3  GHz
  • Integrated jitter < 500 fs
  • User selectable input reference
  • External crystal or clock generator
  • User selectable output signaling:
  • LVCMOS-12 output up to 200 MHz
  • LVDS-25 output up to 3 GHz
  • Additional complementary PWM output
  • 1 ns pulse width control
  • Oscillator with temperature sensor
  • Serial control and diagnostic interface


  • Satellites
  • On-board clock generation
  • Serial communication links
  • Clock cleaning
  • Jitter filtering
  • Switching power supplies

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