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Rad-hard Sensor Interface IC

The MAG-SEI00002-NP is radiation-hardened generic signal conditioning ASIC to read out resistive sensors such as: RTD, thermocouples, strain gauges, etc. These include resistive and piezo resistive bridge sensors as well as single element sensors. The device is a full system-on-chip (SoC) solution that incorporates a  programmable gain amplifier (PGA), an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and digital signal processing(DSP).


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Key technical benefits

Core performance parameters

– Four input sensor interface chip
– 16-bit resolution
– On-chip sensor excitation (voltage or current)
– Multi-stage decimation filter
– SPI interface
– Built in self test 

Additional features

– ADC reference selection
– BIST monitoring for Hi-Rel requirements
– Device redundancy capabilities
– On-chip analog temperature sensor
– Operating temperature: – 40 to 125 °C

Voltage supplies and power consumption

– Single 1.25V supply 

Radiation Hardness

– TID (min.): 100 krad / 1 kGy (Si)
– TID (max.): 100 Mrad / 1 MGy (Si)
– SEL / SEU: > 60 MeV.cm²/mg

Clocking options and communications

– On-chip oscillator or automatic switch-over to external master clock
– Scalable ADC clock frequency
– SPI interface
– Interrupt or polling-based data readout via SPI slave interface
– Master SPI module for controlling remote sensor side interfaces

Packaging information

– QFN-44 pin (7.00 mm X 7.00 mm)



The MAG-SEI00002-NP can be used for following applications

  • Condition Monitoring: facilitating real-time monitoring of various parameters, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of critical systems.
  • Health Monitoring and Housekeeping: enabling efficient monitoring of vital signs and overall health of systems, enhancing safety and maintenance protocols.
  • Thermal Management and Control: providing precise temperature measurement and control capabilities, facilitating effective thermal management in space and nuclear environments.
  • Sensor Networks: enabling seamless integration with sensor networks, allowing for comprehensive data collection and analysis.
  • ….


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