Discover our high-tech focus to reach a sustainable future

We help to build autonomous machines for a sustainable future.

Magics’ core mission is the development of technologies for reliable and autonomous machines, to support humankind in exploring other habitable planets and accessing new energy resources. 
We provide  radiation-hardened integrated circuits and edge AI systems that are tolerant to single event and total ionizing dose effects, meeting the needs of the space, nuclear, medical, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing industries. With our niche technology portfolio, we support the industry 4.0 and 5.0 waves of automation and collaborative robotic systems. Our radiation-hardened chip designs make it possible to:

  • explore the unthinkable: “Go where no electronics have gone before”.
  • secure your supply chain and guarantee delivery of semiconductor components.
  • enable digitalization in high radiation environments: reduce cabling and increase sensory information.
  • improve data-driven decision making (DDDM) and accuracy of autonomous vehicle operations.
  • add efficiency through side-by-side work with humans. 
  • reduce the risk of employee injury in dangerous environments. 
  • create lightweight and compact end-products with the highest reliability.
  • increase the lifespan of your autonomous vehicle and/or powerplant.

Discover our three main fields of expertise and their sub-categories. Able to support thousands of different applications in harsh environments:

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